Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am in a small group that meets every Tuesday.  Currently we are reading the book "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge.  Tonight's topic was about romance.  Many times we think of romance being between two people in love, a husband and wife.  The book made some very valid points about how we are romanced by God.  He wants to chase after us, and call us His own.  He is jealous for a relationship with us, an intimate relationship.  One of the questions posed tonight was, "How does God romance you?"  Many of the answers were, "through nature, the sunset/sunrise, the stars."  And good answers they were because I KNOW that God uses many of those things to win me over.  But I also think that God uses normal, everyday people to romance us.  He uses them to show us things about ourself that we would not of discovered has we not meet them.  Many times I think that they only way God can get through to us is through our interactions with those around us. We all go through seasons when we struggle, or may not feel up to par.  I have been in a season for awhile now where I struggle to see myself through God's eyes.  I long to see myself as He does: beautiful. worthy. beautiful. forgiven. beautiful. unique. beautiful. loved. beautiful.  Both inside and out.  Lately, I have never felt more beautiful and wanted by the Creator of the universe.  The only way He could reach me was through another person believing that I am beautiful.  I have learned that God will continue to seek me, love me, and stop at no cost to get His point across.  He will even send a much needed, undeserved blessing to demonstrate His love for me.  

How is God romancing you??

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