Saturday, March 13, 2010

Abandoning My Own.

This weekend has been many things. Exciting. Fun. Tiresome. Loving. A relief. Reassuring. Real. It was exactly what I needed.  It has only solidified the fact that God knows me and searches me, loves me, and longs to give me the desires of heart.  It continues to amaze me that He knows what I want, need, desire, and has given me SO much more than I could of picked out, hoped for, searched for, and longed for if I was trying to do this with my own strength.  He loves this broken and flawed daughter of a King with a love that is not adequate for words, nor able to measured against.  He has given me more, so much more, than this heart could of possibly imagined.  He has given me a blessing that might have been over looked if I was searching with my own eyes.  He has given me a sense of love that might of been lost if I was not trusting the One.  He loves me so much that He is teaching me to trust, love, and believe in His plan; and abandoning my own.  

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