Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girls Weekend :)

My mom is here for the weekend, reaping the gifts of her Christmas present: Girl's Weekend in Lawrence with ME!  I have been looking forward to having my mom come and getting to spend some quality time with her, and maybe get in a few disagreement here and there (it is a must for every mother/daughter relationship).   Tonight we went to get massages and, oh my, that is just what I needed! You really should treat yourself to one every now and then.  Go ahead, just do it, I said it was okay :)  Tomorrow we will do some shopping; which during that time, I am sure that I will have some moments of regret that I included shopping on this weekend excursion.  For those of you that know my mother, she cannot just simply go into a store.  When she goes into a store, it is a requirement, in her mind, that we look at everything in the store.  Now, I am not saying this as anything negative.  I am simply stating this to note the difference in my shopping style versus my mothers.  I am more of a grazer.  I prefer to get in and get out; unless it comes to dresses, which is a weakness, and I will not walk out of the store until, at the very least, and as a last resort, I have looked at, touched and imagined myself in every dress in the store. There is something about putting on a dress that makes a girl feel pretty, and I guess that is where my obsession with buying dresses came from; I feel pretty in a dress.  There, I said it, and I hope you are happy :)  Hmmm....maybe I'll go put on a dress to write the rest of this...

So, after some much needed retail therapy, we will probably go see a movie.  "Which movie?" you might be thinking.  That, my friend, is a good question.  A chick flick is always a given when two women get together.  I'm not really sure why we, woman, love the idea of watching a move that we know is going to make us cry.  But nonetheless, we do! I do!  You do!  And so does she!  However, given the obvious choice of a chick flick (Dear John), a wise man who wears cowboy boots once told me to consider my other options (Crazy Heart).  Since it's my mom's weekend, I'll probably leave the choosing up to her.  

And, of course, good food is going to be involved.  You cannot have a girls weekend without overindulging in some good grub!  Which is exactly what we plan do and then regret it Monday morning when we are headed to the gym at 5am because we ate WAY too much.  (It's a vicious cycle).  

But please don't forget that a girls weekend is not complete until you have sung, even if it is only in the confines of your own head, 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!'by Cyndi Lauper.  With that being said, I going to dream about Cyndi in her incredibly awesome 80's gear and hair the size of America, singing "Oh girls, just wanna have fun...." (sing it with me!)


  1. Never trust guys who wear cowboy boots. . .I believe my grandma told me that once :] have fun with your momma!! and tell me how Dear John is, b/c I'm too cheap to go watch it!

  2. ms. karly, if it's your blog the propels me to stardom and allows me to be discovered via the plug you put in there for me, then you are entitled to a certain percentage of my TV and radio royalties. "Zero" is a percentage is it not??

    in terms of your friend's grandmother's words of wisdom about not trusting guys that wear cowboy boots, I believe she's discounting the fact that
    'The 3 Amigos' wore cowboy boots; and they are the gold standard.