Friday, February 19, 2010

'The Eyes'

I look forward to the same thing everyday when I get home: Presley waiting by the door, tail franticly wagging, ready to greet me.  It never gets old.  After she greets me, she usually follows me around for a good five minutes to see what new smells she can find on me.  By about minute one, I get tired of her sniffing me, so I usually try to push her away.  Today was alittle different.  We went through the same routine, except she would not stop begging me for her attention.  I was starting to get slightly annoyed with this behavior and was about to push her away until she gave me 'the eyes'.  Anyone that has a dog, knows what I am talking about.  For those of you that have not experienced 'the eyes', take note that if you ever do, you must quickly turn the other way before you become a big ball of mush and you get sucked in.  You will know when you become a victim of 'the eyes.'  After Presley gave me 'the eyes', I sat down and gave her the attention that she was demanding of me.  All she wanted was five minutes of my time to be reminded that she was loved and that she was a priority during my busy day.
I think about how many times God has demanded my attention and I have tried to push Him away because I was annoyed, tired, inconvenienced, selfish....
The King of the Universe wants to know that we love Him and that He is priority during my busy day.  Most times, out of selfishness, I turn the other way when He is demanding any part of me.  I refuse to continue down this path of selfishness but will, instead, walk towards Beautiful.
(For all you animal lovers, Presley was not, nor has she ever been, injured when I have pushed her away.  It is more of a loving shove, than a push.)

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