Monday, February 22, 2010

Find the person...

I have this hanging in my room.  It's too good to be kept to myself.

Find the person that you want to struggle with, fight with, care for, forgive; someone you want to serve, build up, and hangout with.  At the same time, find someone who won't over look your quirks and who will not let you get away  with less than your best.  When life is difficult, this person will put wind beneath you, will stand up for you, will see the best in what you do.  You need someone who will help you discover who you are by supporting you through your mistakes and cheering you on during your victories.  Find the person you would want on your team and whose opinions you value.  Finally, marry someone who draws you closer to your purpose and life-breath and who lifts your up to your Father's hands with his actions and words.

I want this for marriage someday.  I am determined to have this for my marriage someday. :)


  1. i love this saying. I definitely need to put it on some cute paper and hang in my room. Next project for us the next time we hang out?? I think so!! okay, okay, it'll go on the list of projects that we've been meaning to do!! like make flower hair things, button rings, etc.

  2. Loved, I don't know. You may want to check with your grandmother first to see if she has any words of warning about cute paper before you proceed on this hanging in your room initiative. :)