Friday, October 1, 2010

i. love. fall.

everything i love about fall....

pumpkin spice latte. pumpkin pie. pumpkin bread.  pumpkin muffins.  pumpkins.  sleeping with my windows open.  snuggling under the covers.  jogging with a long sleeve t-shirt.  sweaters.  leggings.  cool, crisp mornings.  bath and body works leaves candle.  colors of the changing leaves.  falling leaves.  apple ciders.  caramel apples.  thanksgiving.  october.  the farmers market.  bond fires.  extra blankets on the bed.  homemade soups.  red, orange, yellow, brown. wearing my slippers around the house.  walking my dog.


  1. ummm you're missing scarves, apple pie and bangs :]

    and football.

    and october 23rd. the day you're spending with me b/c I'll need my best friend.

    hmmm I'm sure there's more to fall. Because I love it too. love it so much!!!!